Wednesday, 17 May 2017

@phil - Pre-vis update

hi, Phil, I have updated the pre-vis, I hope u like the new improvement to it and if there's anything it needs more added to it,  please tell me asap



  1. Evening Laura,

    Sorry to be a pest, but could you do a pre-viz where everything is at the right 16:9 ratio and you've got the text in the right place (for example prometaphase is cut-off by the screen when we see it in the pre-vis at the moment). Also - in terms of the actual Pow! words that appear and fly out, is what you're doing here what you're actually be doing, or are these place-holders? The reason I ask is I don't think I'm looking at a 'true' pre-viz yet, which is supposed to be 'just like the finished thing' only 'without the posh renders' - and I want to be sure I'm commenting on what you 'are' doing, as opposed to on a placeholder or similar which you know you're going to do differently, but I don't.

    I will say that the new animation, with the ordinary cell coming on and over-hearing is working nicely. At the moment, the ending doesn't work - with Captain Ex-Cell-ent saying 'Hello?' - because it's not clear what's happened. It would be better if all the other cells just leave the set without him - we see this happen - and then we see Captain Ex-Cell-ent all alone on screen, as the camera sort of tracks back and then it fades out. In terms of staging at the end, you might consider using some intercutting here, so instead of doing it all from that top camera, you cut to some closer shots of all the cells talking at once, and then return to the top shot.

    Another thing - I think, when we pan into Captain Ex-Cell-ent's body - which is blue - the background for all the mitosis phases should be this same blue so you've got a completely smooth in-and-out transition, as opposed to fading to black.

    In terms of staging, your mitosis elements look rather cramped up against the top and bottom edge of the screen - can you compose those moments more comfortably?

    Finally - is it your intention to have a big hole in the back wall throughout? I think that might look a bit odd - you might need to think about what we're looking at through that hole - it would be good to get a sense of your intentions.

    So - in terms of your next pre-vis, try and make it so everything is exactly how you want it to be - except not the finished renders etc. Then I can be of even more use to you! :)

  2. ok phil i see what u mean, as for the hole in the wall it will be there throughout so i have added a orange background to help the character pop a bit more. i like your ending for i have been really struggling to think of a good ending for this animation, thank you for your help so far i hope to get the whole animation done for the weekend before my trip so ill get right on the changes