Thursday, 25 January 2018

@Alan - premise story

Since I was born I needed a lot of medical attention I my left arm, it was scary going through operations without my mum being in the room with me. It felt like i was in a dark room with no doors or windows as if there was no escape from the ongoing operations, so my mum got me a small leopard teddy to be with me always through the operations on my arm as a way to say 'although i can not be with u in the operations the teddy can and he will be there for you'.

In one day in particular, we left the train brushing past  a rush of people like a car going high-speed on the motorway  fearful of crashing or getting hurt. As we were speed walking through the crowd i remember the smell of sweets and donuts in the air, it was as if the smells were tempting me to forget my worries and distract me from the reality of the busy world around me. Then puff my teddy Mr Leopard was gone from my arms into the dark void in between the 2 carriages of the train, panic started to spread from my heart of losing my dear friend from a far place away from home, it felt like a new world to me and to lose him here felt like i was broken and slowly seeing my world crumble without him.

I didn't know what to do but cry from my poor friend stuck in a never-ending darkness and the thought of him being torn apart by the horrible train made me give up hope, as for my mum crying all i could do is point to Mr Leopard impending doom. Her eyes were like flood gates being opening at the current situation for time was against us and seemed to be going faster as a constant reminder of my operation, suddenly like a bolt of lightning the conductor whizzed by us and dove into the void, before i knew it Mr Leopard was safe in my arms with only a slightly tilted and squished head making me overjoyed and jumping for the safety of my teddy. after the operation the doctors put to 2 lollipop sticks on his leg with a small plaster cast over it so that he would match with me and made me feel like I was not alone. To this day I still have Mr Leopard sitting proudly on my pillow.


  1. In terms of tone and subject matter - PERFECT!. I think the text itself needs a bit of a polish though, just to get the right information in the right places for an animation and to make it flow for an actor to read. Overall though, great. Send this to Phil too so he can give you some feedback/help with the text. Well done.

    1. Brilliant Alan, I have emailed Phil just waiting on a reply