Friday, 7 October 2016

animation toolkit - 3

The animation was a mixture of time & spacing and squash & stretch, by demonstrating then in 4 ball animation below. My favorite is the bowling ball animation

cartoon ball

bowling ball 

ping pong ball

tennis ball 

Don Hertzfeldt

Don Hertzfeldt (Donald Charles Hertzfeldt) was born on the 1 August 1976 in Fremont, California. He is well known for his animated work such as Rejected, It's Such a Beautiful Day, World of Tomorrow, The meaning of life, one of the Simpson's Couch gag animations and so many shorts. one of his animation was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short Film. He learned all of his at the University of California, Santa Barbara in B.A in Film studies, billy's balloon is very surreal and disturbed yet a funny idea that a balloon would start attacking children and is just a great watch for all of Don's animations are hand drawn and not computer animated. 

Lotte Reiniger 

Lotte Reiniger was born in 1899 in Berlin. she is well known for her paper animation as well as working by herself by creating specific animation technique and made it so utterly her own. when it comes to her animations they are always a colorful background with black card objects and characters, this is interesting in that she shows her animations in a fairy tale style ways giving off this creativity and daydream feel. Her first animation was in 1926 called "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" and continued making paper animated films, over 40 animations until she passed away in 1981. 



  1. Hey Laura,

    There are a few tweaks to do on these.
    Cartoon Ball: It seems to shrink as it goes along.
    Bowling ball: The drop is too evenly spaced and a bit slow, the heavier something is the faster it will fall. Try removing a couple of frames from the drop and make them spaced further apart the closer it gets to the ground. This should simulate a slight speeding up as it gathers speed of the fall.
    Ping pong ball: Falls too slowly, I think you've spaced the drop too evenly again, tweak this and see how it looks.
    Tennis ball: I think this one hangs around on the ground too much, you'll need to remove some frames. I have a feeling you've got it touching the ground, then squashing down, then straightening back up all before it leaves the ground again. Try having the squashed down ball as the only frame to touch the floor on the first couple of bounces.
    Update these things and I'll check back to give you updated feedback.


    1. Hi Nat thank you so much for the help ill get right on that when I get back to uni :)