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@Phil - pre - vis 2

hi Phil here are the improvements of from the last @Phil, I hope you like and ill get back to you on 29th may :)


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

@phil - Pre-vis update

hi, Phil, I have updated the pre-vis, I hope u like the new improvement to it and if there's anything it needs more added to it,  please tell me asap


Monday, 15 May 2017

Animation show reel submission

I have enjoyed animation toolkits this year, it has shown a great deal of what goes into an animation then drawing every single frame individually like they used to do I am glad I finally got to learn the proper weight animate by learning about timing and speed how long the character should pose or how quickly they should move, squash and stretch to make it feel more cartoonish or more realistic. I think my animations has been definitely been a big change from I started from year to now and I hope you continue to do this in the future.

Morph Animation
2 Coins - Ease in & Ease out
Pendulum Animation
4 Ball Bounces - Cartoon, Ping Pong, Tennis, Bowling
Characters - Bouncing Ball
Halloween Themed Animation
Walk Cycle
Run Cycle
Funny Walk Cycle
A Jump and Throwing a Ball
Christmas Themed Animation
pushing an Object
Flour Sack Animation
Animating Life Drawings - 1
Animating Life Drawings - 2 
X-Sheet + Lip Sync
Abstract Shapes Animation
Maya Lip Sync - Jaw Bounce
Maya Lip Sync - 3D Phonemes & Tongue and Eyes


Animation toolkit - 20 2D lip sync

lip sync 1 from Laura Boots on Vimeo.
lip sync 2 from Laura Boots on Vimeo.

Animation Toolkit - 18 music animation

music animation from Laura Boots on Vimeo.

Life Drawing Submission

Life drawing sometimes I felt like it was a real challenge trying to get out of my usual anime and cartoony style, however after the first few lessons I felt that I had finally come to grasp of drawing detailed life drawings but also putting my personal spin on them, then all the life drawings I have really enjoyed meeting the models and drawing it to my hearts content I feel like I have improved and I tried different materials to see which ones that the best. And I hope to continue exploring different medias and art styles throughout my actual project work.


Maya toolkit Submission

Before joining the course, I only have a small limited amount of knowledge about Maya. However now I feel that Simon has taught me a great deal of what Maya is and how it can be used, going through each editorial and learning about modelling UV texturing and other methods I have really enjoyed the Maya toolkit and will continue to use the tutorials online if I am stuck at anything I need in the program.

Intro to Maya 2016

Modelling 1: Digital Sets

Modelling 2

Lighting & Rendering

Texturing & Shading

Animation I

Pre-Visualisation I

Rigging & Skinning 

bonus rigging

Animation Toolkit - 17 robin animation


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Maya homework - 28 tail rigging


Maya homework - 27 Rigging Techniques 3: Object Exchange

Can Exchange - rigging bonus from Laura Boots on Vimeo.

The Wicker man by Anthony Shaffer 1973 - film review 21 cutting edge

Figure 1

The Wicker man was directed by Anthony Shaffer, in 1973. This film will explore the pagan religion and the way is shown through not only the characters but through their music. The film depicts how one man’s religion, Christianity, feels neglected and ignored by the island’s religion, and the sexual temptations and struggles of the main character.

The film is about Sargent Howie, a British policeman, who comes to the island after hearing about a missing girl and wishes to investigate her going missing mysteriously. His stay on the island makes him confused and struggle to understand the customs and beliefs of the islanders. He finds himself fighting against everything that the islanders are saying to try to understand and show a new way of life to the islanders. However, the story takes a turn for the worse, as he is offered as a sacrifice to the pagan gods to create a new crop for the island.

This film has an interesting use of music, the merry sounding folk songs that are sung throughout may seem nice and ordinary, but end up having a deeper meaning, for the horrors that lie within.
"The movie also excels in the fact that several elements of the picture could have been laughable but instead helped to add to the nauseating and uncomfortable atmosphere of the film...these musical interludes performed by different characters actually help to immerse the senses into the world of this strange little island, helping to create a suffocating and intoxicating atmosphere," (Doyle, 2015)

The style of music is helpful, in that it shows the style of the audience of which the director wants to go, by making this hippie relaxing type music for the film gives a glimpse of what the island characters are like, by the way, they talk about nature, and how topics about sex are not ones to be shied away from, but should be invited and welcomed into their conversation which will help with the inclusion of Sgt Howie, which after viewing the ending is confusing for the viewer.

Most the film, the viewer is led to believe there is a missing girl mystery, until the end, where the religion of these islanders is demonstrated in creating a human sacrifice, the Wicker Man. The end of this film it shows a lot about human sacrifice, and why the islanders are doing so as part of their religion. As this reviewer suggests ''The origin of human sacrifice is almost certainly Caesar's account of the druids in his Gallic Wars. Caesar describes a ritual in which large, compartmentalised wicker effigies were filled with grains, small animals, and even human slaves, before being burned as sacrifices.'' (Coppens, 2017) This gives a small glimpse of what the islanders were trying to justify in their religion, for in their eyes it is completely normal to sacrifice a human, and animals, for the greater good. In this case to grow the crops, and to have a good harvest.The film demonstrated elements of a religious struggle.

The main idea of this film, that most viewers will spot, is the religion struggle between the policeman and the islanders for their traditions and beliefs. At one point Sgt Howie says “I believe in the life eternal, as promised to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ.” (Woodward, 1973) Howie does this because he feels that the religion that the islanders are following goes against his beliefs, and he witnesses the girls jumping from fires naked, shown in figure 2. He also walks in on a lesson about symbolism in the classroom of children, shown in figure 3. Howie believes that these children should be the following examples of Jesus Christ in the Bible, showing good morals and understanding of right and wrong. For the islanders this is impossible, for they believe in the pagan way and nothing will deter them from getting what they want, to follow their beliefs, even if this means a gruesome end for Sgt Howie.

 Figure 2

 Figure 3 

As Sgt Howie struggles to understand the islanders and waits, there is only another struggle that he must face which is a sex. Sgt Howie states “it’s nothing personal, it just I don’t believe in it………..before marriage” (Woodward, 1973) As he has stated before, about religion, he believes that being sure for the one that he loves shows that he is a true Christian and that he firmly believes in the lessons and ideals of God. However, this does not mean he is never tempted, for in The Wicker Man (1973) Willow begins to sing and does a dance in her bedroom banging the doors or walls so Howie could hear her calling to him, as shown in figure 4. At first, he does lose a bit of control as he leans against the walls as if he is tempted but quickly pulls himself away to remind himself of God and of what he is striving for which is to be pure. This works out in the Pagan’s favour, for it is a part of their sacrifice at the end of the film.
 Figure 4

As the director of the film, Shaffer, has shown, through his musical choices, research into religions and sexual struggles between character and his belief, he has created a good horror film. For some viewers he achieves that extra kick that it needs, for members of the audience to understand where he was going with this as well, as playing on the fears of other religions and their beliefs. Film critics say that The Wicker man (1973)"is a British golden-oldie worthy to be placed alongside classics such as Ira Levin's The Stepford Wives or Rosemary's Baby." (Bradshaw, 2007) This would suggest this film is on par with other great horror classics and will continue to inspire and create in other films, the same tension and atmosphere that this film has delivered.

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Picnic at Hanging Rock by Peter Weir 1975 - film review 20 cutting edge

 Figure 1

In 1975 Peter Weir created a film that explored the many ways of sexuality within an all-girls school, in Australia. Through camerawork, characters and background, to help further the story, he picked a book under the same name by Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967), to make this film.

The narrative is that on one Valentine’s Day an all-girls school in Australia plans a small picnic at Hanging Rock. However, during this trip, the girls decide to venture into hanging Rock, to explore the mountain and the glorious landscape. Things go awry, when three of the girls disappear into the mountain, and one of them runs back to the teachers, to tell what has happened. Time passes by and one of the girls is found by a man who is venturing up the mountain. Because of the incident of the girl’s disappearances, the headmistress’s reputation is dashed, and nobody wants their daughter to go to the school. As a result, she kills one of the remaining students in the school, leaving the mystery of what happened to the rest of the girls who did not return from the rock.

The film is an adaptation of Picnic at the Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay (1967). This explores the sexuality of some Australian females, in a young women’s academy. The trip to the hanging rock was set in 1900. From the start of this film, the camera is intimate with the ladies from this academy, from their getting dressed, to the picnic and their lessons. One scene, in particular, is when the girls are getting ready for their picnic, as the camera show’s them in a row bent, over one another fastening each other’s corsets, demonstrated in figure 2. The camera shows this as a small perversion to see the young na├»ve girls dressing each other, yet it’s also restricted as well, for their dresses are from the neck, down to the ankle, to make them look hard to get at and would suggest unavailable.

 Figure 2

The film explores the sexuality of some of the characters, mostly of girls who ventured up into hanging rock, when only one of them returned. Another girl was like a lovesick puppy, longing for her friend Miranda to return, as one reviewer has stated from her love “Among other things it knows that there are some romantic longings, especially in the young, that are so overwhelming they simply cannot be contained. The result is a movie that is both spooky and sexy.”  (Canby, 2005) Canby suggests it is her love for a character is strong, particularly since the disappearance, all she can think about is sitting beside pictures of her, hoping that she will return just like one of the other girls did. There is the strong sense of longing, as the film depicts, after finding out about her disappearance, she is always either stuck in her room or told by the principle that she cannot attend most of the classes, this makes her feel isolated and alone. The filming suggests and depicts a sense of why she wishes for her friend to return, showing that the connection to each other was strong, thereby the sexual love between the girls.

Another way that the film demonstrates the exploration of sexuality in this film is with one of the characters, particularly after she has been found on hanging rock. Irma has been told that she must return to her parents, after the events that have happened, when she is in her room she is in a  lovely red cape, in front of all the other girls, who begin to question her about what happened on the rock, and why she is not telling anybody about, it is as if they are attacking her, which is demonstrated in figure 3. This could represent that the colour red reflects Irma’s true sexuality, for after returning from hanging rock she appears to be a different person, as if she has moved through the passage of sexuality, and feels the right to wear the red cape. Although the film demonstrates an alternate view, as the other girls they see the red dress as the danger, as in the other girl's mind’s they felt that after this experience there was a chance that the girls got raped, and so their sense of attacking her is out of fear. Although I was left with wanting to know what happened to the girls to make them scared, and that their fears may be the truth, that the girls on Hanging Rock were attacked and raped. This makes it interesting for the viewer to imagine what could be the truth.

 Figure 3

The film centres around Hanging Rock, not as such an environment but it could be suggested that a rock is a symbol of sexuality, as appears to be a phallic symbol, for as this reviewer says “The rock seems to whisper, tantalizingly, of the secrets of sexuality, it is no less meaningful a symbol for the adult characters. The rock is male, phallic (the site of “venomous snakes”), and thus treacherous” (Abbott, 2017) This could be interpreted as the girls felt the Rock was calling to them to go up there and explore,  possibly becoming one with the rock. The final moment we see the girls is their passage into the narrowest pathway leading upwards in into this rock, which could symbolise the girls entering an orifice.

As the director, Weir has shown through his adaptation of the book, there is an exploration of the sexuality and intimate moments, through his cunning camerawork, the colour scheme of costume and emotional expressions, from certain characters. Thus, making symbolic reference of male sexuality through an inanimate object, the Rock, and enticing the girls to go up there. After the film was finished critics took it to be an “An exceedingly beautiful film, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK seems to aspire to be an existential thriller of some sort.” (Stephens,2010) This makes the film an experience that viewers would want to watch.


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Maya homework - 26 Rigging Techniques 2: Eyes


Maya Homework - 25 Rigging Techniques 1: Leg Piston


Maya homework - 24 Skinning Method 2: Post Weights & Interactive Bind


Maya homework - 23 Skinning Method 1: Interactive Weighting, Component Editor, & Paint Weights


Maya homework - 22 arms and head rig


Maya homework - 21 spine rig


Maya homework - 20 Leg rig


Friday, 12 May 2017

Fantastic voyage - reflective statement

Over this project I have my improvements and downfalls, I have enjoyed everything about this project and had fun creating the superhero comic book idea. I think it fits well, My improvement is getting cleaner at drawing and creating nice artwork to help my idea of this project, I can see a big difference from the start of the year with my work to now where I have slowly begun to explore and create more. Dr Klappa and the others agree that this is good regardless that it is unfinished, however I need to work on criticising myself in whether the video editing is good or bad, if the background needs to look more of my concept art or simple shape, also I need to make my music sound lower and the voice actors higher for it was hard to hear what he was saying in different parts of the previs. The last thing I must improve on is editing on how long the letters in the previs to help the audience see the spelling and understand what is going.

Although I didn't finish my animation due to technical difficulties I am proud of what I was able to do and how I have slowly improved my work over this year, I still have a lot to improve and finish I will Finnish the animation during the holidays.

Art of Mitosis


Mitosis pre-vis


Monday, 8 May 2017

cg pipeline


untextured model 

 wireframe model

UV mapped model

ambient occlusion   

lighting test



render test

after using garage farm to test my opening animation i am happy with the results