Thursday, 10 May 2018

Premise- submission reflective statement

Over this project I feel that I have been on a journey, i feel that I have improved in some aspects of work and am slowly getting better when it come presenting and taking feedback. There have been bumps along the way like having to understand rules of thirds or trying to get perspectives down to get the right feel and understanding of the project, I am happy with my character and story I think they work well and are clear in terms my animation, there has been one thing I pushed myself to do and that is to ask for help and feedback when I don't understand or confused at what is asked of me and I feel doing this has made me better in terms of working. However I now need to think about re-thinking and cut down of some ideas for my animatic, I need to cut out some audio and let the animation explain it's self not the audio, some scenes need to be more abstract in term of animation rather than portraying reality it needs to be more rubbery and cartoonish, a away to do this is maybe when introducing Mr Leopard make him the same size as myself in the animation and show them playing and having a great time. I knew that at some point I am going to need tackle Maya by modelling the character, this will be a real challenge for myself however as long as I go to the tutors for help I know that I can succeed. I am still a little bit scruffy in my work and need to improve on this in order to produce professional and tidy work, so far I have enjoyed this project and can't wait to continue it.

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