Monday, 22 January 2018

Premise - research into the idea

after thinking on what Alan and the group suggested, i thought that the best way the go about this project is looking into how i was like as a child.

Disclaimer - the following stories are true

my mums stories:

The Pound - i had a habit falling into pounds weather they were hidden by moss or leaning over until i fall, the best she told me was when she was having a goodbye party at a old hospital she use to work at. during this time i was standing at a pound slowly leaning forward. No matter what my sister said i ended up in the pound and making a poor handy man throw his sandwich into a lavender bush to save me, whilst my sister went to tell my mum only to have her say "don't be silly maria, iv just told the girls that story about Laura falling in uncle Dave's pound ". shock to find me soaked and wet, we laugh about it now.

The Tantrum - i have a small leopard teddy since i was born, on the way to a operation i dropped him on the train tracks and started screaming the place down. However i was not the only one crying for my mum was crying with me thinking 'if she does not have this teddy during her operation, she'll be so sad'.  A nice man jumped onto the track and gave me the toy, after the operation the teddy was in a plaster cast same as me and to this day there a still little flakes of plaster on him.

migraine - on the way home from a holiday my mum and i were on the train and i was crying, moaning and wining to the point that my mum looked stress and tired. 

rainforest cafe - when visiting the family in London, my mum warned my to be careful not to fall over or out of my seat for i had a habit of being accident prone. As my mum took her seat the chair broke sending her tumbling with the chair. what made this funny was the claim that the staff check the chairs everyday and make sure they are not broken.

chitty chitty bang bang -- this was my first musical in which i really into the show by singing alone to the songs and shouting out "COME ON YOU KIDS", the best part of this memory was i proved the theory of a mother is always right wrong, i knew that in the film real dog were running about in the sweet factory scene and was getting my hopes up in the musical, however my mum turned round and told me "dont be silly Laura, they would not use real dogs" only to find herself regretting that statement for at least 10 dog ran a cross the stage eating the sweets. To this day i never let her forget when she ever says she is always right.

tigers in the zoo - i love tiger and always have to the point where if my mum took me away from them i would scream at the top of my lungs until i was put back to see them, this was a problem for my mum for she had to deal with 3 - 5 year old wanting an actual tiger as pet on the way home. i was a pain.

lots of toys - i would always have a pile of toys in my arms for my mum to buy, as she was sensible in getting toys that are creative, i would get big and small toys. she said the most annoying thing i always did was as soon as she bought a new big toy for me and would only play with the smallest only like Polly pocket.

(before i continue, the reason it is mostly my mum and myself in these true stories is because my father hardly helped and he is something id rather forget in my life)

After asking what i was like as a child i feel these stories can be turned into funny scenarios as well as showing my deep connection with my mum. She gave me a helpful reminder that i loved watch the Disney animation show Recess, i will use this as a reference.

Image result for recess

What is Needle felting

Needle felting is felted sculpture that is stabbed with the felting needle it pulls the wool into itself.  By stabbing the wool with the needle over and over while turning the wool it continues to pull wool in and the wool, with its tiny scales, locks together.  Continued stabbing and turning results in a firm round shape.  Once there is a basic shape to start with wool is added where it is needed to form a sculpture. like this:

Needle felting can be basic or complex depending on the detail you what to put into it, it can make beautiful sculpture like this

this is how i would like my animation to look like, as if it was made with felt.


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  1. I think there are two options here to expand upon. 1) 'The Tantrum' stories has a beginning. middle, and end alongside a good sense of emotion and drama. It's a ready made animation. 2) The idea of 'being clumsy' pops up a couple of times in your text so it may be that you take that as a theme and explain how you've 'found your feet (so to speak)' as you've grown up, including how that has translated into more stable things into your adult life. So, starting with physical clumsiness and ending with being more 'stable' as an adult. It would be called 'Being Clumsy'. That one is a little more personal though and would involve exploring some of the more private things in your life on film.