Thursday, 25 January 2018

Premise - style and technology

After my one to one with Alan, we talked about technology and what i feel comfortable with in terms of using Maya to create a simple a simple animation. These are the styles i was thinking of:

Texture style

Since i want the animation to have a feel of felt i found that these 2 animation that could help me see how to make the seem and look like felt with the creases, fuzz and seems of the characters and background.

Character style

although most of the animation will be in the view of the teddy, i realize that i would have to make a small character of myself with the teddy whilst everyone else would be limps or background planes. So i thought that this character style would be simple and clear for me and the teddy.

Technology style

i thought that these animations was a great choice technology wise, for there combined a mixture of 3D character yet details/basic backgrounds. For example in the Extinguished it has 3 3D characters and some modeled backgrounds whilst use infographs/2D animation to keep focus on the main characters. Whilst 'Here the plan' is all 3D but it is very basic shapes, some of the animation is a image sequence on the eyes and there are a few Map painting to help with the background.


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